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Service of Lifejackets - Jon Buoy Official Station in Mallorca

How do we conduct these tests?

The most frequently repeated tests, as a general rule, are the inflation test and the pressure tests, where we take into account temperature and time in the pressure reading. We also carry out 24-hour tests to make sure that the equipment has no leaks in any of its components and materials.

At OscarSierra we have a specific department for the revision and certification of Jon Buoy equipment and lifejackets. Our staff is constantly undergoing training, in most cases provided by the manufacturers.

OscarSierra is authorised and known for the best brands of lifejackets in the market including: Lalizas, Baltic, Ocean Safety, Plastimo, ISP, Spinlock, Secumar, KRU, Crewsaver, Remploy, Thyphoon, Valeria San Giorgio and Besto.

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Would you like to book a date to service your inflatable safety equipment / lifejackets?

Please complete the service request form below for a detailed list of security products that we will review and certify.


Q: How do I match up liferaft capacity with the number of crew aboard?

A: The capacity of the required liferaft must be the same or greater than the number of crew. For example, as there are no seven person liferafts available, a seven person crew requires an eight person liferaft. It is not acceptable to have a six person liferaft and a survival suit. A crew of twelve requires a twelve person liferaft or two (2) six person liferafts or a combination of a four and an eight person liferaft.

Need more information?

Call or write us a message. Our team of professionals will advise you on the best solutions.