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Fire fighting for ships

At OscarSierra, our main purpose, and what we strive to improve every day, is to protect lives. We are dedicated to the supply, maintenance and installation of passive and active fire protection equipment. We offer systems of the highest quality, which comply with the relevant regulations for best reliable operation.

The importance of keeping up to date the revisions of these systems, including the portable extinguishing equipment and PPE is based on navigating with safety and peace of mind, with the knowledge that all the equipment will work correctly in the event of a risk situation. 

It should also be noted that the ship’s insurance will normally cover any damage caused only if the inspections are up to date.

Our technicians are trained and certified by the most demanding fire-fighting manufacturers in the market, and are subject to regular audits and refresher courses to safeguard the safety of our clients. We are authorised by the Conselleria de Industria, we have ISO9001:2015 certification and the approval of Lloyd's Register.

O. S. represents the major brands as distributors, service agents and installers. 

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Q: How do I match up liferaft capacity with the number of crew aboard?

A: The capacity of the required liferaft must be the same or greater than the number of crew. For example, as there are no seven person liferafts available, a seven person crew requires an eight person liferaft. It is not acceptable to have a six person liferaft and a survival suit. A crew of twelve requires a twelve person liferaft or two (2) six person liferafts or a combination of a four and an eight person liferaft.

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