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Liferaft Service Station in Mallorca - Authorised and Official Service Station

The service of liferafts is one of the first services that we started 25 years ago, where punctuality and quality of service have been the main premises of our organization.

In the event of possible flooding due to damage, hull rupture, or a fire on the high seas that could lead to a shipwreck, we must be certain that the safety systems will save and protect the lives of the crew members until the rescue units arrive.

Manufacturers recommend that periodic checks be carried out only at their authorized service stations/centers. In this way, they ensure that the technical personnel of these centers have received the necessary training for the correct revision of their safety equipment. At OscarSierra, as an authorized and official service station of the best-known and leading brands in the maritime sector, we review these systems without skipping any step of the procedures established by the manufacturers, following each of their instructions for handling their products.


Firefighting Protection Systems for Vessels

Boats are made of wood, fiber, and other flammable materials that can easily spread fire. If a fire was going to occur, for example, in the engine room - the place on the ship where the highest temperatures are reached and where the fuel is - or in any of the rooms -, it would spread quickly to the rest of the ship, causing damage to boaters' belongings and, more importantly, being able to have physical/ vital consequences. In these cases, detecting and extinguishing the fire at its earliest stage would prevent major damage.

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Radio Beacon Programming - VHF, EPIRB, PLB, AIS - Authorised Service Station

The activation of a radio beacon has been the beginning of thousands of maritime accidents. 

The radio beacon on board is an essential part of the safety equipment for saving human life at sea, a hostile environment that requires always taking precautions in the event of an adverse situation. We must take into account the numerous incidents that occur each year in our waters, which are the result of an unforeseen event that no one thinks could happen. The time that passes from an accident until the location and arrival of the rescue units of the Maritime Rescue depends a lot on the correct programming and, therefore, perfect functioning of the radio beacon that the crew has on board.

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Vessels Pyrotechnic

We are authorized for distributing this kind of products. Also, here at OscarSierra we can manage the destruction of expired pyrotechnic products - such as flares, smoke canisters and rockets - as we transport them to specialized and authorized centers for their destruction. The renewal of the pyrotechnic articles of the boats is something very important, since the purpose of these products in shipwreck situations is to make us visible to the rescue units and other boats that could help us.


Scott and Dräger - Breathing Apparatus (BA) and Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD)

At Oscar Sierra we have a specific workshop for the revision of each type of equipment and more importantly we also have a technical team certified by the authorities and manufacturers for the handling and maintenance of these devices. Recently we have build our BA Lab for servicing our customers BA and EEBD. We are the official distributors and exclusive authorized service station of Dräger Safety and 3M Scott Fire & Safety in the Balearic Islands.


Service of Lifejackets, Jonbuoys and 'Man Overboard' Systems (MOB)

The lifejacket is an element that grant us a lot of peace of mind and security. In the event of a possible jump or fall into the water, it provides buoyancy, whether foam or inflatable, and, thanks to its reflective strips, visibility in the dark.

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Crane Transport in Marinas of Mallorca

We have a large fleet of vehicles for the transport of small, medium and large volume goods.

Among our vehicles, we have a truck with a crane to safely transport large-volume items to ships, reducing the risk of damaging both the items being transported and the ship itself, its walls and its materials. In this way, we provide a faster and more secure service to our clients.

Official Accredited Homologation

To carry out the reviews, it is essential to have the approval of the class societies and to strictly follow the guidelines of the manufacturers and the regulatory authorities. At Oscar Sierra we comply with Lloyd's Register standards and we hold the prestigious ISO9001:2015, which allows us to guarantee excellence in the services we provide.

We have the Merchant Marine authorization to review life rafts and other inflatable equipment.

We receive the necessary training and act under the guidelines of the manufacturers in the treatment of their products. That is why we work with the leading brands.

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