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Fire Equipment

Custom-made fire fighting system design service, breathing equipment, fire, gas and smoke detectors, Novec 1230 pre-engineered systems.

Dräger PIR 3000

Dräger PEX 3000

Dräger Polytron® 5700 IR

FBD-MZ Series Fireboy-Xintex Fire Detection System

CMD6-M CO Fireboy-Xintex Alarm

Prevention of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

G-1B-R Gasoline Fume Detector & Alarm

Single Sensor

G-2B-R Gasoline Fume Detector & Alarm

FP-1B-R Propane Fume Detector

Single Sensor

P-2BNV-R Fireboy-Xintex Propane Fume Detector

with Double Sensor

Fireboy-Xintex FR1000/2000 Smoke and Heat Detector

For the Monitoring of 1 or 2 zones

Fireboy-Xintex Syncro ASM Control Panel