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Pre Engineered Novec 1230 System


SEA-FIRE Pre Engineered Novec 1230 System

SEA-FIRE Novec NFD & NFG Fire Suppression Systems are pre-engineered and designed to protect enclosed compartments. All NFD & NFG systems operate automatically through heat activation. SEA-FIRE NFD & NFG series extinguishers are equipped with a factory installed pressure switch which is intended for cylinder pressure supervision and may also be used to control other electrical functions (engine shutdown, air exchange equipment, etc.)


SEA-FIRE Preengineered System Accesories

Sea-Fire accessories include system monitor panels, heat sensor assemblies and the new generation ESRS microprocessor shutdown systems offering improved functionality and flexibility, easy installation and CAT5 plug and play connections.

All ESRS models comply with ISO marine 8846 and meet CE approval standards.


FIREBOY Fire Extinguisher CG & MA Series - 3M Novec 1230

Fireboy has designed safe and effective engine room fire protection with no water or powdery residue.

3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is a highly-effective clean agent fire suppressant, designed to extinguish a fire in its incipient stage before it has a chance to spread. Novec 1230 Fluid evaporates more than 50 times faster than water. It also allows the clean agent to transition from a liquid to a gaseous state very rapidly when discharged through a nozzle, and readily achieve vapor extinguishing concentrations in air. Novec 1230 fluid is a great alternative.

These systems work both as automatic and manual.


FIREBOY Engine Shutdown Systems

Compressed gas suppressants such as HFC-227ea and 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid will not stall a diesel engine. If a fire breaks out aboard a diesel powered vessel, the engine(s) must be shut down prior or during the discharge of the Fireboy suppression system to effectively extinguish the fire. Continued engine operation may remove the agent, lowering the concentration required to effectively extinguish the fire, making an Engine Shutdown System necessary.

Available ESC, ELS and ES Series.